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Back at it January 3, 2018

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Recently I have had a lot of revelations in terms of my choices in life. As part of those revelations, I realised I have a lot to say. So, I have come back to my blog.

Another part is looking back at this blog. I glance at an entry from nearly 9 years ago, and I saw my upset from the state of the landscaping industry. I knew things weren’t right from such a young age, yet lacked the confidence to stand up and say “hey!! can’t we change this??”. I think it also came from a lack of language. Expressing my thoughts can be a rambling affair, or not come at all.

So, let’s try this again. I have a lot to say, teach, and show to the world. Off we go.


Food Forestry June 24, 2012

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Last weekend I had the privilege of attending a food forestry workshop with Richard Walker, put on by Permaculture BC. It was a two day weekend workshop packed full of information. While I was unhappy with the venue (echo-filled gymnasium) and type of workshop (lecture style, of which i am not a fan as I tend to fall asleep or fidget incessantly) I was rather pleased with the content and with Mr. Walker himself. He is a man who has been experimenting with food forests for over 25 years, before there was even officially such a notion, and is considered Canada’s expert on the subject. I was also rather pleased that much of the material covered was familiar to me as it meant I am on the right path in my studies.

For those who don’t know of food forestry, it’s a concept which involves many layers of plants in a garden or property instead of a traditional garden space with one plant in one layer spread out. You can have as many as 8 layers in one space, which increases your yield quite substantially. These layers could be:

Canopy layer (nut trees)
Small tree layer (fruit trees)
Large shrub layer (saskatoon, cornelian dowood)
Small shrub layer (blueberry)
Herbaceous layer (herbs, medicinal plants)
Ground layer (prostrate herbs)
Root layer (Tubers, roots)
Vine layer (Akebia, kiwi)

You can use endless combinations of plants to suit your locale and climate, however there are certain ones which are a little more tried and true. For an introduction to food forestry and permaculture, I highly recommend Gaia’s Garden by Toby Hemenway, and for a more more specific textbook, Edible Food Forestry by Eric Toensmeier and Dave Jacke.


Week 10 June 5, 2011

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Hardening alley! Tomato seedlings ready for transplant

We hiked up to the peak of the mountain behind our house. We climbed to 3200 feet or so to the top of the peak, it was alittle scary!

The beautiful view from up top a mountain.

This is the waterfall about an hour hike from our house. You can climb up behind it and then continue up the mountain if you find the right path.


Week 9

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The lettuce patch before it was harvested, leaving it bare for the next crop. salad greens!

Remember those tiny tomatoes? This is before they went outside to be hardened off, then we planted them all. Yes, all of them.

Packing the van for the market, setting another booby trap, muahaha!

Fuzzy the cat, being cute. His brother Sylvester is hanging out, sleeping away.


Week 8

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We planted some corn and beans early, to try to get them started, then put a white cloth on to keep the heat in

Garlic, broccoli, kohlrabi and cauliflower are sure growing fast!

A planting session well done, and done for the day! Post work chat time 🙂

Packing for the market, setting the "booby trap" i.e. the tables stuffed in the space left behind the side door. Watch out when you open it!



Week 7

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So many tomatoes! Where am I going to put them.... :O

Seedlings ready for transplant! Lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber

Peppers, hot, banana, bell, italian bell, many colours of the rainbow.


Week 6 – Never a dull moment. April 23, 2011

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The whale skeleton/greenhouse frame is erect!

Time for some high-flying hijinks! Or, putting on the plastic.

With a combination of monkeying around and team work, the top is put on.

And the sides...

The front and back, and then planted with lettuce.